Thermosealing Machine

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Recommended to:

Butcheries, supermarkets, deli's and food packaging companies

Suitable for:

Sealing of pre packed meals

Design Features

  • Stainless steel body 

  • Digital display panel with LCD screen 

  • Semi-automatic work cycle 

  • Includes 1 machine film holder, 1 single pan mould, 
1 double pan mould, 2 rolls of film 200 mm wide / 150 mm long 

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Thermosealing Machine

Model:  Ecovac SV300 digit
Elec:  0.6kW, 230V, Single Phase
Single pan mould dim: 193 x 198 mm
Double pan mould dim:  (2x) 138 x 96 mm
Dim:  280 x 500 x 600 mm high ( hood open )
Order Code:  TSE0300