20 Pan Combi Steamer with Touch Control

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Recommended to

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, old age homes, boarding houses, correctional services and caterers.

Suitable for

Roasting, baking and steaming

Design Features

• Outer casing manufactured from stainless steel

• Cooking chamber is manufactured from 1 mm - thick, moulded, AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel with fully rounded edges for easy cleaning

• Cooking chamber lighting via LED Bar tted into the door

• Door is right hand hinged with adjustable door hinges and handle catch

• 10 Levels of direct stream controlled by a touch control panel situated on the left hand side of the door

• IPX5 Protection rating against water

• Fitted with 5 bidirectional fan motors for even heat distribution

• Fitted with USB port for recipes and HACCP system

• 240 Storable recipes; 40 pre-set EKA recipes and 200 user-settable

• 10 Language setting for the control panel

• The side supports and drip tray can easily be removed for cleaning

• Delayed start function up to 23 hours and 59 minutes

• Supplied with braking wheeled trolley with handle

• Supplied without trays and grids

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20 Pan Combi Steamers With Touch Control

Model      EKA EKF 2011 TC
Electricity 38kW, 380V, 3 Phase + N
Machine Dimensions     985 x 1030 x 1920 mm high
Machine Weight     245 Kg
Cooking Chamber Dimensions 690 x 500 x 1435 mm high
Capacity (20x) 1/1 GN pans
Runner Spacing 66 mm
Temperature Range 30oC - 260oC
Number of Programs 240
Programmable Cooking Steps 9
Pre-heating Temperature 180oC
Packed Dimensions 1200 x 1200 x 2070 mm high 
Packed Weight    280 Kg
Country Of Origin    Italy
Order Code    EKF2011TC