Frontloading Dishwashers

Omniwash are located near Monza, in the heart of Italy’s main industrial area. 

Omniwash have been designing and manufacturing their unique range of 
Glass & Dishwashers for over 20 years, and successfully sell them all over the world.  The fully automated production systems guarantee a high standard of quality and accuracyat eachstage of the process.  Production is staged over three sites, with a total production area of 15,000 sq.m. each site is linked to the company’s central planning system to ensure balanced manufacture

The stainless steel bodies are manufactured in a specialized area where modern computer controlled machines perform the tasks of laser-cutting, folding and welding to a very high level of accuracy and consistency. These processes are strictly monitored in accordance with our comprehensive company-wide Quality Control procedures.

The heart of any warewashing machine is the wash pump. Omniwash manufacture their own 
wash pumps which is an extremely powerful wash-pumps are designed to integrate perfectly with the rest of the machine to give the best possible results.

The final assembly, testing and packing operations take place in a dedicated production area. Omniwash places high importance on the final wet testing of each individual machine which is done in a computerized test bay. 

The appliances progress to the packing area only when the computer printout confirms compliance with the Electrical Standards of the country of sale and after a member of the technical department has confirmed that the machines comply with the customer specification.

We attribute particular importance to these detailed procedures as 80% of our production is exported throughout Europe, to the United States and many other overseas markets.

Omniwash offers you glass & dishwashers to suit all your needs. Our range includes under-counter and pass-through machines, with round or square baskets, side or top control panels. All Omniwash's designs are based on ease of use and the component strength needed for long service life.


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